The Award Goes To…

As award season approaches honoring the biggest and best talent in Hollywood, don’t you think there should be an award ceremony recognizing the most fascinating women you know in Motherwood?  From keeping their cool while their kid throws a tantrum in the middle of the mall to walking with her head up high after her pride and joy reveals all her dirty (and sometimes embarrassing) laundry to a neighbor, there are hundreds of categories moms should be celebrated for.  Here are 15 “MAMAwards” that should be handed out this year.

The Award Goes To…

1.  The mom who didn’t go gangster on a 5-yr-old boy who told her son he’s not cool enough to play with.

2.  The mom most likely to not cry when her toddler throws a remote control at her nose.

3.  The mom who agreed to let her son wear shorts in the winter and her daughter dress in clashing shades of pink for an entire month.

4.  The mom who doesn’t freak out when her son sticks his hand in the toilet and tries to grab his poop.

5.  The mom who cooks five different meals for her picky eaters.

6.  The mom who was determined to breastfeed and stuck to the challenge even with inverted nipples and low milk supply.

7.  The woman who proved to be a terrific mom regardless of her ability to breastfeed or not.

8.  The mom who kept a straight face after her daughter innocently and loudly pointed out a man’s big belly in a quiet theater.

9.  The mom who tells each of her children secretly they’re her favorite.

10.  The mom who rented Alvin and The Chipmunks 8 times in one day for $2.99 each just to keep her baby from crying.

11.  The mom who gave up “binge-watching” Homeland for The Wiggles.

12.  The absolutely understanding mom who keeps getting interrupted from her dinner to wipe her toddlers behind.

13.  The incredible super mom who didn’t crack when her baby cried for 6 hours straight in the middle of the night.

14.  The protective mom who didn’t lash out at her daughter’s teacher when she told her to “cut the cord.”

15.  The ultra calm mom who doesn’t curse her kids off under her breath.