A Must-Have In Motherhood: “Wing” Mom

Mother Friends


I’m not sure what’s worse…the silent awkward moments women encounter on first dates or the ones they experience at social mommy meetings.  Finding a mommy buddy is no easy task.  Not only are you trying to make a good first impression on your future “soul mom,”  but you are also trying to help your children find potential play dates.  With that being said, you try really hard not to say anything offensive, insincere or craaaazzzzy (yes, for some of us that is very hard)! Your date ends and you hope she’ll ask for your number.  Maybe she’ll call you to grab a cup of coffee or even better she’ll invite you and your kids over for a fun afternoon.  But neither happens.  You go your separate ways and wonder if you just let the “one” get away.  You worry that you’ll never find your perfect match.  You love being a resident in mommy land, but wouldn’t it be easier to explore this unfamiliar and always evolving territory with a partner, teammate, “wing” mom?  A wing mom is the person who really gets you.  You can confide in her and she’ll always have your back.  More importantly, she’ll be able to tell you when to relax or if you really are being crazy.  It’s a bond that will develop over time, but a necessary one that can carry you through all the ups and downs of motherhood. 

Ladies, for those of you who have found your right hand mom, share this article to thank her for being your sanity savior.  If you are still desperately seeking, then don’t send this article to any prospects because that would just be creepy.