Make Your No Stress-olutions


Here is a glance at my first draft of resolutions for 2014.
1.  Run a 20-mile marathon.
2.  Meditate.
3.  Cook a Barefoot Contessa inspired meal for my husband (he loves watching her create delicious dishes for Jeffrey).
4.  Don’t snap at my kids.
5.  Look 10 years younger.

As I jotted down my grand New Year’s goals, it all seemed very doable and realistic.  Then I asked myself a simple question, “Me…have you met me before?”
I never ran a marathon, the thought of lying in silence freaks me out, I am just getting comfortable scrambling eggs and I can’t follow directions on a map so discovering the fountain of youth can be problematic (unless someone knows the address so I can plug it into the GPS).  Suddenly, my new oaths sounded more child-like than life changing, so I decided to challenge myself.  If my kids were making resolutions, what advice would I give them?  At that point,  I turned my list of nonsense into momsense. I would advise my children that it’s very important to have goals and work hard to achieve them.  However, these goals need to be clear, realistic and accompanied by a well thought out strategy on how to approach and accomplish them.  They should work towards making small victories and then raise the bar after they complete their first set of objectives.
I decided to take my own tip. I wouldn’t set my kids up for failure so why would I do it to myself?  Here are my official revised resolutions:
1.  Run a 2-mile marathon.
2.  Research the importance of meditation.
3.  Whip up an AMAZING omelette (Hope-inspired).
4.  Have more patience with my kids.
5.  Invest in some anti-aging cream.

Wishing all moms a Happy, Healthy and Accomplished New Year.

xoxo – A New Mom In Town Staff