Haute Holiday Mommy Style

Block parties, happy hour hotspots and family festivities!  A New Mom In Town turned to a trendy boutique to help busy moms alter their everyday style to keep up with their hectic schedules and holiday soirees.  Megan Mosera, owner of Posch Boutique, tells us the three fashion staples that can take any mom from carpools to cocktails in an instant.

1.  Faux Leather Leggings

”Our faux leather leggings are a HUGE hit this holiday season. My clients love the comfort of a legging, while getting a high fashion look,” says Megan.  For casual day trips, pair the leggings with an oversized comfy graphic tee or cardigan.   At night, slip into a more fitted, feminine top and celebrate.  You just may be this year’s best dressed guest.


2.  Pretty Accent Pieces

“The statement necklace is key,” says Megan.   Moms who run errands all day in a blouse, skinny jeans and flats can change their appearance from subtle to sexy when the sun goes down.  At night, add an eye-popping pendant, mini clutch and booties to your basic wardrobe and you’ll be ready to mingle with the party crowd.


3.  Lace Isn’t Just For Late Night

“My clients are looking for clothes they can get multiple use out of.”  Megan refers to these items as investment pieces.  “I used to stock up more on basics.  Now when I’m doing my buying, it’s so important that every piece has character.”
Lace is a great example.  Hints of the pretty sheer fabric peeking out of a leather jacket adds edge to an everyday outfit.  Taking off the jacket at night and revealing more of the top gives a glamorous festive-fun look in the evening.