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Push Your Kids’ Buttons

My kids love pushing my buttons and I figured out a fun and clever way to push theirs!  Every time I ask my daughter to brush her teeth, get dressed or go to sleep she tells me in her sweet, innocent matter-of-fact voice, “No mommy because I don’t have a button for that!”  I realize at that point, I have two choices.  Either, I get upset and explain to her, that type of behavior is unacceptable or I understand what I’m asking may be a simple daily task for adults, but a meaningless and very boring activity for a vivacious 3 year old.  Of course, I choose the latter.

Our chores are now a creative thinking game.  We love coming up and creating special dials to give her and me (why not?) super powers.  Whether it’s a switch to help her run faster or an on/off button to grant her the power to brush her teeth or a happy thoughts tab to give her happy dreams at bedtime –we love pushing each other’s buttons!