5 Signs Your Baby Is Judging You

One of my biggest fears as a mom is being judged.  Does my mother-in-law think her son is a better parent than me?  Do my relatives disagree with my infant’s nap routine?  Do my seemingly perfect new mommy friends doubt my disciplining decisions?  However, I never thought I would have to fear what my baby was thinking, until the day she took her morning bottle and gave me the proverbial “finger”!

Maybe she thought I was doing a crappy job OR maybe, she knew a laugh was exactly what I needed to relieve one of my stressful first-time mommy moments.  Want to impress people with your baby bonding skills?  Learn 5 things your sweet little bundle of joy may be telling you about your parenting style and more.

Sign 1:  He falls asleep on your shoulder.

Translation:  You are too boring for him.

Sign 2: Her head falls back when you go to kiss her.

Translation:  Hey mom, have you heard of a tic tac, certs, gum, anything?

Sign 3:  As she begins to dose off, your voice startles her causing her hands to fly up in the air.

Translation:  What the F!  I’m sleeping.

Sign 4: His eyes roll behind his head.

Translation:  You obviously don’t know what you are doing.

Sign 5:  He grabs your nose.

Translation:  Your schnoz is too big!