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A Journey To Blankie Rehab

“Just one more bite.”

“Just five more minutes.”

“I won’t be able to sleep if you take it away.”

“Pleeeeassse mommy, it relaxes me.”

Those were the daily pleas I would hear from my 5-yr-old daughter. Her begging and desperation would make me cringe but weakened me at the time. I automatically would give into her binge.

My name is Hope and my daughter is a recovering blankie sleeper and sucker.

Just like the pacifier or thumb my baby relied on her blankie to soothe. At first, her habit was innocent, common almost an adorable behavior most infants and toddlers go through. Of course, as parents we want to believe our child is more advanced than we were as kids and we have wiser more effective strategies to help them take the “edge off” rather than rely on a crutch. However, when I witnessed my child go from a moody irritable monster to the most beautiful precious sleeping angel every night once that blanket hit her lips, I found myself becoming the enabler instead of the enforcer. I would assure myself it wasn’t so bad by saying things like, “It’s only a phase. If it calms her down let that be the worst thing she does. But she’s only 2, only 3, only 4…”

Then one month after her 5th birthday I panicked, “Holy shit my daughter is a blankie addict and I’m her dealer.”  I was making the product look too good to give up. I mean she had a beautiful stash. They were washed, folded and sat perfectly in her bottom drawer for her to choose. Ballerinas one day, blue elephants the next and pink polka dots with satin finish as back up, just in case she went through her supply before she fell asleep. They looked so scrumptious; even I was curious how they tasted. I knew she would never be able to kick the habit unless her father, family members and myself supported her through this scary and stressful change. Finally, my husband and I got on the same team. Our cheer was, “Say no to the blankie no matter what!” We shook on it.

First, came the intervention. “Sweetie we challenge you to not use your blankie for five days. In return, you can stay up late, watch TV and get a reward in the morning.” I was fearful we would replace one bad habit with another, but helping her stay away from her “fix” was my first and only priority.   Then came the withdrawal process. We survived it, but it was tough. There were many times she would give me sad eyes and whimper. I just wanted to cave. I would whisper to myself, “Say no to the blankie no matter what!” We also used positive reinforcement. We reminded her how much we loved her, encouraged her to be a big girl and find big girl things to help her sleep, like music or books.

After five sleepless nights the true test came. Could my daughter sleep in her own room without her dependent? She did it! My princess may still give us an hour-long argument about her bedtime, but at least it’s no longer with the blanket hanging from the side of her mouth.


How To Lose The Minivan Mom Label

IMG_1596One of your biggest fears as a mother is approaching…

You kiss your kids, hug your spouse extra tight and wave goodbye as tears stream down your face. You reassure them everything will be okay. But as you witness your first baby; your red-hot, black leather interior, 6-speed convertible high tail out of the parking lot, you know you just fibbed. As a new automobile pulls up to your feet, you turn to your supportive family and find the strength to say the three words you’ve been dreading…

“It’s a minivan.”

Although most moms don’t have a problem giving up their sexy, sporty car for a roomier, practical and safe vehicle others hope their trade in doesn’t have to be a trade off. A New Mom In Town asked automotive expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, for her family car picks. Fix, who openly brags that she never drove a wagon or minivan, gives her Top 5 List that helps moms ditch their minivan mom status for cool, hot mama on wheels.

Volvo XC60: Fix says the Volvo is perfect for demanding drivers. With world-class safety features like all wheel drive and booster seat cushions for little passengers this car provides an elegant design with dynamic performance and outstanding comfort. Families who are looking to simplify their lives will also love options such as the pack and load organizer for their everyday groceries and electric cooler and heater box for those lengthy road trips.

Porsche Cayenne Diesel: A sharp looking car for sophisticated and savvy street-smart moms. One of the biggest draws to this SUV is its fuel consumption. Fix says, “The Cayenne offers more than Porsche performance, the diesel engine gives 33 mpg combined and 700+ miles to a tank. It offers great safety and luxury appointments too.” It is more efficient with horsepower and longevity making it a smooth ride for everyday trips around town.

Ford Flex: The Flex is a crossover utility vehicle also referred to as a CUV. It’s a sports car combined with passenger vehicle features from station wagons or hatchbacks. Expert Lauren Fix finds that the vehicle offers an impressively spacious interior and surprisingly efficient engine. Other great options include technology with “speak to text” and a refrigerator in the center console to name a few.

Kia Soul: Fix, who gets a rush test driving today’s hottest cars, confirms this sleek urban hatchback is the right car for the cost-conscious consumer who is shopping for a vehicle with a long warranty, great sound system and a lot of fun to drive.

Mini Countryman: Don’t let the name fool you because this mini is not as small as it appears. It has a four-door exterior and seats 5 inside. Fix is impressed with the Mini as it is recognized as one of the top picks from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS). It’s all-wheel drive, ample cargo space, and stellar fuel-efficiency makes your family getaways and joyrides a blast.

10 Ways My Son Drives Me Nuts…

But is too cute to yell at.

1.  Being a menace:
Throwing a very big, very dry and very clean towel into the tub while I’m bathing his sister.

2.  Being a jokester:
Finding the two back pockets on my jeans to grab on to while I try to clean up his spilled milk.

3.  Being an actor:
Uses his movie star looks and smile to lure me in and slap me in the face.

4.  Mocks Me:
Starts off his morning in tears and says he needs coffee.

5.  Challenges Me:
Steals my phone and calls my contacts. When I go grab the phone he throws it aimlessly in the air.

6. Plays With My Emotions:
Says he has to go potty, but really only wants me to read his favorite book to him, “The Hungry Bunny”.

7.  Disorganizes Me:
Ransacks my closet and walks past me in my black pumps.

8.  Confuses Me:
Will beg, cry and stomp to go outside, but refuses to put pants or sneakers on.

9.  Bosses Me Around:
Demands me to stop whatever I am doing to get his Mickey Mouse, but tells me to be careful as I go.

10.  Loves Me So Much…it hurts:
Goes to hug me, but head butts me in my lip. (It’s an accident…I think.)