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Crop Tops and Confidence

So…I think I have mommy dysmorphia.  Technically it’s not a real medical condition, but since my
4+ years of being a mom and staring at myself in the mirror on a daily basis, I think it’s pretty safe to say, I definitely have it. Mommy Dysmorphia (defined by me) is a mom who is critical of her appearance, body image or sexual attractiveness now that she has gone from bride to baby maker.  Other than being self conscious about the common flaws many women complain about: boobs, booty, aging, wrinkles and peach fuzz growing in areas that once used to be hairless, the major contributing factor that made me realize that I can no longer stay silent about this self-diagnosed disorder is the crop top comeback.
Celebrity mom Kim Kardashian has been photographed in several.   Yes, she looks beautiful.  I even applaud her for her bold and daring fashion choices, but I can’t stop obsessing whether I would confidently be able to bare my tummy in public now that I am a mom.  Although Kim K. is able to pull off the look and most agree that she is one hot mama, I still have my own reservations about the code of “clothes” conduct I choose to display for myself, and the ones I secretly wish I could flaunt.
Before I go on, there are two important statements I need to make so I don’t receive any negative feedback.  One, this is not a pity party blog where I am hoping readers will want to help me overcome my insecurities and two, I am not a hater of crop tops.
I’m simply just pointing out the simple truth that as women get older, married and start a family they overcome some of their immature “isms” but find with the pressures of their new everyday life they develop another set of insane and most likely false ones.

What flaw or trait makes you cringe since you’ve become a mom?  I would love to hear and let you know you are not the only one.