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Tiny Tales You Tell Your Kids To Get Out Of 5 Sticky Situations


From mini fibs about Santa Claus to the Tooth Fairy, here’s a list of five unforeseen scenarios and the little white lies you hope your kids will fall for.

Scenario 1:  You are a stay-at-home mom and you just sat down to turn on the television to catch up with your entertainment news.  Your daughter asks you to cut out construction paper hearts with her for the 10th time today.  Instead of hurting her feelings by simply saying, “Absolutely not,” how about saying…

“Mommy has to do research about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s upcoming wedding nuptials for the senior position she holds at her very important job.”

Scenario 2:  Your son brings home a bag of rocks and dirt from school.  When you ask him what it is, he says, “My artwork.”  Instead of throwing it directly in the trash and scarring him from creatively expressing himself ever again, how about telling him…

“Mommy is so proud of your talent that I can’t wait to show it to the garbage men.”

Scenario 3:  Your daughter refuses to go to bed because she is afraid a scary monster is going to come into her room in the middle of the night. Instead of telling her there is no such thing as monsters (she won’t believe you anyway), you might want to make her feel safe by revealing…

“That’s impossible!  Mommy and Daddy checked the box, NOT MY HOUSE, when the town passed out a permission slip asking if we allowed monster visitors.  Now go to sleep…sweetie.

Scenario 4:  Your son’s best buddy, “Stanley,” his stuffed bunny, sadly had a rough ride in the washing machine and is missing his left eye.  You’re afraid revealing the gory details to your son may be too disturbing so you read this note…

“Hey dude!  My mom hopped all the way over to your house and told me I had to come home for dinner tonight.  I promise to stay in touch.  Your best pal, Stanley.”  “PS…don’t forget to eat your carrots.”

Scenario 5:  Your daughter is misbehaving and you tell her if she doesn’t start acting like a good girl then there will be a consequence.  When she asks you what type of consequence, you tell her…

“Mommy arranged a brunch for you and Ursula, the sea witch from A Little Mermaid.” 

Haute Holiday Mommy Style

Block parties, happy hour hotspots and family festivities!  A New Mom In Town turned to a trendy boutique to help busy moms alter their everyday style to keep up with their hectic schedules and holiday soirees.  Megan Mosera, owner of Posch Boutique, tells us the three fashion staples that can take any mom from carpools to cocktails in an instant.

1.  Faux Leather Leggings

”Our faux leather leggings are a HUGE hit this holiday season. My clients love the comfort of a legging, while getting a high fashion look,” says Megan.  For casual day trips, pair the leggings with an oversized comfy graphic tee or cardigan.   At night, slip into a more fitted, feminine top and celebrate.  You just may be this year’s best dressed guest.


2.  Pretty Accent Pieces

“The statement necklace is key,” says Megan.   Moms who run errands all day in a blouse, skinny jeans and flats can change their appearance from subtle to sexy when the sun goes down.  At night, add an eye-popping pendant, mini clutch and booties to your basic wardrobe and you’ll be ready to mingle with the party crowd.


3.  Lace Isn’t Just For Late Night

“My clients are looking for clothes they can get multiple use out of.”  Megan refers to these items as investment pieces.  “I used to stock up more on basics.  Now when I’m doing my buying, it’s so important that every piece has character.”
Lace is a great example.  Hints of the pretty sheer fabric peeking out of a leather jacket adds edge to an everyday outfit.  Taking off the jacket at night and revealing more of the top gives a glamorous festive-fun look in the evening.




Make Your No Stress-olutions


Here is a glance at my first draft of resolutions for 2014.
1.  Run a 20-mile marathon.
2.  Meditate.
3.  Cook a Barefoot Contessa inspired meal for my husband (he loves watching her create delicious dishes for Jeffrey).
4.  Don’t snap at my kids.
5.  Look 10 years younger.

As I jotted down my grand New Year’s goals, it all seemed very doable and realistic.  Then I asked myself a simple question, “Me…have you met me before?”
I never ran a marathon, the thought of lying in silence freaks me out, I am just getting comfortable scrambling eggs and I can’t follow directions on a map so discovering the fountain of youth can be problematic (unless someone knows the address so I can plug it into the GPS).  Suddenly, my new oaths sounded more child-like than life changing, so I decided to challenge myself.  If my kids were making resolutions, what advice would I give them?  At that point,  I turned my list of nonsense into momsense. I would advise my children that it’s very important to have goals and work hard to achieve them.  However, these goals need to be clear, realistic and accompanied by a well thought out strategy on how to approach and accomplish them.  They should work towards making small victories and then raise the bar after they complete their first set of objectives.
I decided to take my own tip. I wouldn’t set my kids up for failure so why would I do it to myself?  Here are my official revised resolutions:
1.  Run a 2-mile marathon.
2.  Research the importance of meditation.
3.  Whip up an AMAZING omelette (Hope-inspired).
4.  Have more patience with my kids.
5.  Invest in some anti-aging cream.

Wishing all moms a Happy, Healthy and Accomplished New Year.

xoxo – A New Mom In Town Staff


Baby Shower Etiquette Guide For…Your Man



This weekend, I attended a coed baby shower.  Since I have been a guest at many baby showers in the past sans the couple concept, I figured the same rules would apply.  I would mingle with the mom-to-be, meet other women, eat delicious pregnancy friendly foods and give a good luck kiss goodbye to the glowing hostess.  No drama, no stress.  However, I didn’t take into account that bringing my other half would be a game changer.  From not scaring the mom about giving birth to keeping his father angst to himself, I realized once the night ended, maybe I should have educated my husband on the formalities at these once traditional ladies only functions.

For anyone who is invited to a couple’s shower, here’s a list of some Dos and Don’ts when celebrating with the expecting parents.

  • Do tell the couple how happy you are for them and emphasize the positives about being a mom and dad.
  • Do offer to help the mom-to-be with anything she needs.  Don’t let your husband ask the baby daddy what he was thinking.
  • Don’t steal their baby thunder.  Feel free to talk about your kids briefly, but don’t brag about how great they are or bash how bad they’ve become.  The party is not therapy for you.
  • Don’t tell the expecting parents in your most frightening father voice, “Sleep now because you will never sleep again.”
  • Do offer some parental guidance with tips and techniques that have worked for you, but don’t expect them to remotely understand what you are talking about it.  They’re still reeling from the no sleep warning from your date.
  • Don’t let your partner point at a pregnant woman who is carrying her third child and say, “Better you than me.”