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Mommy Workouts In Minutes

Every time I hold my son he manages to grab and pinch the skin under my arm.  Now, I know all moms love to squeeze their child’s belly and rolls, but when it comes to him hanging on me for dear life by my “extra junk,” maybe he’s trying to tell me something.

I enjoy working out, but since I had my second it’s not as easy to get back into the gym groove.  When it comes to taking care of kids, moms can agree the only time to sneak in exercise is in between naps or before your little one notices you’re missing.

I realize my days of spending an hour at the gym are over for now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t break a sweat during my baby break.  “Quick workouts will help you stay active while still being able to get things done,” says Ashley Bissett, Personal Trainer and Owner of 3B Fit,  Her simple workout tips can help us tone from home in minutes.  “Your workout does not have to be all at once. Remember, any movement counts throughout the day.  Five or ten minute increments are just as effective.

Suggested No-Weights Circuit

1.  Push Ups (use knees if easier)

2.  Squats

3.  Chair Dips (place hands on seat of chair with palms down and knuckles facing forward.  Bend knees and lower body by bending the elbows to 90 degrees keeping your back close to the chair.  Then press back up to starting position.)

4.  Alternating toe touches (lie on back with arms overhead.  Lift one leg up directly above hips and at the same time lift shoulders off the ground and raise arms to meet your toes.  Go back to starting position and continue same movement with opposite leg.)

5. Mountain climbers (begin in push up position.  Bring right knee into chest then extend back to starting position.  Repeat with left leg.  Continue alternating feet as fast as you can.)

Ashley recommends doing each exercise for 20-30 seconds four times through.  Make sure to take 20 second breaks between each exercise and after you go through the entire set take a minute break before you start again.

Switch up your workout daily so it doesn’t become boring or stale,” Bissett suggests to her mom clients.  “On day one do the no-weights needed circuit and then a cardio interval circuit the following day.  That will keep your body guessing and you motivated!

Suggested Cardio Interval:

Walk:  5 minute warm up,

Jog/sprint:  1min, Walk:  2min

Jog/sprint: 2min, Walk: 3min

Jog/sprint: 3min, Walk: 3min, Sprint: 1min

Walk:  5 minute warm down

**Before exercising please consult with a physician**

Push Your Kids’ Buttons

My kids love pushing my buttons and I figured out a fun and clever way to push theirs!  Every time I ask my daughter to brush her teeth, get dressed or go to sleep she tells me in her sweet, innocent matter-of-fact voice, “No mommy because I don’t have a button for that!”  I realize at that point, I have two choices.  Either, I get upset and explain to her, that type of behavior is unacceptable or I understand what I’m asking may be a simple daily task for adults, but a meaningless and very boring activity for a vivacious 3 year old.  Of course, I choose the latter.

Our chores are now a creative thinking game.  We love coming up and creating special dials to give her and me (why not?) super powers.  Whether it’s a switch to help her run faster or an on/off button to grant her the power to brush her teeth or a happy thoughts tab to give her happy dreams at bedtime –we love pushing each other’s buttons!

I Missed My Glow

I’m not saying I had the glow…you know the best compliment anyone can give an expecting mom. I mean, I was a mom-to-be who missed her glow because IT NEVER CAME.  Not even a sprinkle of it.  I waited for the moment to make strangers squint because I blinded them with my illuminating, bright and shiny everything-is-perfect pregnancy sparkle.  Nope, It never happened.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the idea of being pregnant.  I couldn’t wait to try to conceive, take a test and watch it turn positive.  Finally, I can be one of those high fashion women walking around the city showing off her adorable bump in designer maternity workout clothes with a permanent smile on my face.

I vowed to go to the gym three times a week, drink plenty of warm water (my fave) and continue to eat my top three meals, chicken parm, sushi and burritos.  At 5 weeks and 6 days pregnancy was everything I expected it to be and more.  I was happy and feeling great.  On the first day of week 6 I jumped into the shower.  As the water splashed into my mouth I had a bitter aftertaste.  I knew I was about to vomit, but instead of being scared I was siked!  Is it really happening?  Am I experiencing my first episode of morning sickness? Gagging never felt so rewarding.  Yes! Another sign that I’m really going to have a baby.

Let’s just say I factored in one or maybe two uninvited visits from the morning sickness monster, but never did I prepare for the nausea to last throughout my entire pregnancy.  No longer, could I walk on the treadmill without getting motion sickness, think about chicken, guzzle down warm water or even let the image of sushi or burritos float in my head without dashing to the bathroom.  I experienced many sleepless nights, false fears, and prayed for the lurking queasiness to go away.  I battled with the condition up to the day my daughter arrived.  The moment I looked at her wrinkled face and big eyes I knew it was all worth it and then…I asked the nurse for a bucket!