10 Ways My Son Drives Me Nuts…

But is too cute to yell at.

1.  Being a menace:
Throwing a very big, very dry and very clean towel into the tub while I’m bathing his sister.

2.  Being a jokester:
Finding the two back pockets on my jeans to grab on to while I try to clean up his spilled milk.

3.  Being an actor:
Uses his movie star looks and smile to lure me in and slap me in the face.

4.  Mocks Me:
Starts off his morning in tears and says he needs coffee.

5.  Challenges Me:
Steals my phone and calls my contacts. When I go grab the phone he throws it aimlessly in the air.

6. Plays With My Emotions:
Says he has to go potty, but really only wants me to read his favorite book to him, “The Hungry Bunny”.

7.  Disorganizes Me:
Ransacks my closet and walks past me in my black pumps.

8.  Confuses Me:
Will beg, cry and stomp to go outside, but refuses to put pants or sneakers on.

9.  Bosses Me Around:
Demands me to stop whatever I am doing to get his Mickey Mouse, but tells me to be careful as I go.

10.  Loves Me So Much…it hurts:
Goes to hug me, but head butts me in my lip. (It’s an accident…I think.)