10 Tips For Grandma When Talking To Grandchildren

Kids can learn many things from the special bond they form with their older, wiser and more mature grandparents. For example, how to bake the perfect cake, how to clean the right way in between your toes in the bath and how to save money from collecting coupons. However, even our most formal and conservative elders can forget the age gap between themselves and their grandchildren and sometimes may make a comment (or many) that gives little ones an advanced education in life, death and everything in between. Here are the top 10 comments Nana should think twice about saying in front of her impressionable grandkids.

1. When referring to the child’s mom and dad you should try to refrain from calling them nick names, like: Schmuck, stupid and putz.

2. When swearing in front of a minor you should always S-P-E-L-L the bad word. Not curse first and spell it second.

3. When your grandchild is telling you a story about one of his or her peers don’t shout out physical cues to refresh your memory about them. For example, “Oh the chubby one” or the “One that looks like an Old Man” or the “Five-year-old with the connecting eye-brows”.

4. Try to keep your humor within age appropriate limits. It’s probably not a good idea to make jokes like, “Your grandfather is worth more to me dead than alive.”

5. If your grandson misbehaves or purposely pushes your buttons you may want to reprimand him with words like, “There will be a consequence for your bad behavior” NOT “I am going to kill you.”

6. When whipping out photos and videos from your youth, stick to sharing the fun and crazy moments you shared with your friends. They don’t really need to know how many of them died from cancer or heart disease.

7.   Try to keep your competitive nature in check when playing cards or games with your grandkids. You don’t always have to talk smack so you can win.

8. When you are relaxing and watching TV with your grandchild, if a “Viewer Discretion Is Advised,” warning flashes on the screen it’s probably best to choose another show.

9. When playing with your granddaughter, remember you are supposed to be the responsible one. Teach her how to do fun, physical activities like how to use a hula-hoop around her waist, not her neck.

10. Don’t get down on your age. Instead of focusing on the number just keep reminding your kids no matter how old you are, you will always be the most fun, playful grandma they ever hung around with.

*Originally published for WEtv.com